A flexible, commute-free lifestyle is a dream for so many of us, and it’s not unattainable. Perhaps 20 years ago the ability to work at home seemed far-fetched and only available to a privileged few. However, times have changed. There are so many ways one can make a living from one’s home office, whether it’s telecommuting full time for a national brand, freelancing or consulting, or even starting a home-based business.

There’s a problem, though. The web is saturated with “work from home!” and “make money online!” websites that don’t do more than suggest things you can do to work from your home office without offering practical tips and advice for achieving your goals, or they list “jobs” that are nothing more than a penny a word freelance writing jobs or taking surveys for a dollar. After visiting a job site, you should never have to research whether or not a job is “legitimate,” and earning less than minimum wage isn’t a good enough trade-off for working from home.

That’s where Telecommunity comes in. I want to fill the void and fix what’s wrong with most “work from home” sites. Yes, I’m going to share job leads here, but I’m going to share the kinds of leads where one can really earn a living. In addition to listings, I’m still sharing tips on the and advice on the blog for landing telecommute opportunities, as well as ideas for staying productive in a remote environment, and working with clients or as part of a distributed team.