Customer Service Representative

Website Babylist

Includes weekend work

At Babylist, we love our users and we treat them like rockstars. Babylist is an online baby registry that lets parents add any item from any store on the web.

The Babylist users who reach out for support are often frustrated, and each interaction is an opportunity for us to make things right. You will personify and personalize our brand to each customer and strive to leave a lasting, positive impression. Expecting a baby can be a stressful time, and our users often require patience, understanding, and a little TLC. As our Happiness Hero, you will often mean the difference between a positive experience and negative one, and you will significantly influence how likely a user is to recommend Babylist to friends.

This is a full-time work-from-home position. We are only able to consider candidates living in California, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and South Carolina.

The Big Things:

– You will answer customer support emails. You are a great writer and communicator. You are quick.

– You will answer support phone calls. You are friendly and well-spoken.

– You will independently complete tasks on the Babylist website related to support (e.g. add or delete registry items, place orders, update reservations). You are comfortable with technology and will provide support for our website and mobile apps.


– You are comfortable with and excited about working with expectant parents (and their friends and family).

– You live in the United States and are a resident of California, Texas, Minnesota, New York, or South Carolina.

– You are excited about working weekends.

– You are very compassionate and empathetic.

– You are high-energy, positive person.

– Quick note: We are a family-oriented (and mom-owned) business, and we understand that parenting is a legit, full-time job. This position is very time-intensive and often time-sensitive, which means it isn’t compatible for a parent working from home and watching kids at the same time.

Job Source: Babylist

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