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Telecommunity invites employers and potential clients to post jobs for free. Before posting your job, please be sure it meets the following requirements:

  1. The job must pay a livable wage – We don’t accept ads for dollar articles, payment per page views, promise of payment “one day,” payment in gift cards, exposure,  or free products, MLM offers, survey sites, or any other unpaid “opportunities.” If it can be used to pay the mortgage, you can post your job here.
  2. No jobs where applicants have to jump through hoops or pay something to view the opportunity.  If you want someone to sign up for a service, subscribe to a newsletter, or pay for a subscription to the view the job, we won’t accept your posting.
  3. All jobs must be remote opportunities. We’ll accept job postings where the applicant has to make occasional visits to the office, but for the most part, jobs must be 100%, work from anywhere, full time, part-time, or freelance opportunities.

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